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Welcome to the WHS Tennis Team site. Important announcements will be posted below.

Please bookmark the team site:

Urgent announcements will be posted here in addition to text messages and emails. In case of emergency, contact a coach directly

5/17 – Today’s practice is cancelled. The top 8 will practice at Huether Family Match Pointe at 8:30pm.

5/16 – Practice today is mandatory for top 8, but anyone on the team who would like to play some tennis is welcome to come!

5/11 – Updates for the week ahead:

There has been a change of plans for our East/West Matches this weekend – Rapid City Stevens is bringing more players than originally planned, meaning everyone will get at least one more match.

Thursday – Normal practice @ 4:15. We will move indoors if the weather is bad. 

Friday 5/13 – 12:00pm vs. Rapid City Central

  • Top 10
  • Dismissed at 11:00am

Friday 5/13 – 3pm vs. Rapid City Stevens:

  • Everyone will play
  • No early dismissal for those who did not play at 12:00pm. Head straight to the tennis courts after school. Exceptions are LB and EB who are dismissed at 2:45
  • If you are a JV player who handed in your uniform, contact a coach to get your uniform back!

Saturday 5/14 – 8am vs. Rapid City Christian

  • Top 10
  • Be at courts by 7:25

Monday & Tuesday

  • Practice @ 4:15 
  • Mandatory for top 8, optional for everyone else. All players are welcome!


5/2 – We will take team pictures tomorrow before our match vs. Brookings. Pictures will be taken at 3:30, and all players need to report to the WHS Tennis Courts by 3:20pm in uniform. Top 12 will play vs. Brookings. No early dismissal for high schoolers. Middle schoolers are dismissed at 3:00pm.

5/1 – For tomorrow’s JV match, #9-17 will play @ Brandon Valley. Bus departs at 2:45, and players are dismissed at 2:30. Logan B and Eli B are dismissed at 2:25. Top 8 will play at WHS vs. SF Jefferson (reschedule). No early dismissal – be at courts by 3:30.

4/30 – Today’s match vs. SF Roosevelt is being postponed to a later date. If possible, a rescheduled date will be announced in the coming days. Have a great weekend.

4/29 – Today’s match vs. O’Gorman is being held indoors at Huether Family Match Pointe for Varsity only. Match is at 12pm, top 7 are dismissed at 10:45 and are to be there at 11:30. Thanks!

4/26 – The calendar on the team website has been updated, but here’s a quick update on our schedule for this week:

Tuesday 4/26: 

  • #7-17 play vs. Lincoln JV @ LHS @4pm. No early dismissal except for Logan Boyle and Eli Boyd (3:20)
  • Top 6 will practice at WHS @ 4:15

Wednesday 4/27

  • Normal practice @ 4:15

Thursday 4/28

  • Triangular @ Madison vs. Madison and Harrisburg
  • Top 12 will play and are dismissed at 9:40am

Friday 4/29

  • Match vs. O’Gorman
  • If moved indoors (likely), match will be top 6 only and held at 12pm @Match Pointe.
  • If outdoors, top 8 will play at 2pm, JV to follow.

Saturday 4/30

  • Match vs. Roosevelt @ WHS
  • Match is scheduled for 12pm, but may need to adjust to deal with weather conditions.

4/22 – Due to weather, only the top 8 will travel to Watertown for today’s match. The top 6 will play. Everyone else is to remain in class. The match will be played indoors at the high school. More updates to come this weekend. Thanks!

4/20 – A reminder that there is no practice today. We will practice at normal time tomorrow.

Friday’s match @ Watertown is now a 1pm start. The bus will depart WHS at 10:15, so all players are dismissed at 9:55. Players – please use Friday morning to get your academics sorted with your teachers (especially Top 8, who will be out of class Monday as well).

Players – make sure any academic work due Friday is complete and that you are prepared to attend all your classes on Friday, as the weather for Friday in Watertown looks questionable. I provide any weather/cancellation updates ASAP.

As always, call/text/email with questions. Thank you!

4/14 – Practice will be held indoors today at 4:15 in the main gym. Thank you.

4/13 – Practice will be held indoors today at 4:15 in the main gym. Thank you.

4/13 – Please note the following rescheduled matches:
– Our 4/12 match vs. O’Gorman is being postponed to Friday, 4/29 with indoor backup if needed
– Our 4/14 match vs. SF Jefferson is being postponed to Monday, 5/2

4/12 – Due to weather, today’s match vs. O’Gorman is being postponed to a later date. No practice today. Stay tuned for updates. Thanks!

4/10 – Reminders for tomorrow (4/11): Match vs. SF Lincoln
Top 8: @WHS 4pm
9-17: @LHS 4pm
All Dismissed at 2:45
Be at your site by 3:30 latest
Top 8 Uniforms: White Shirt, Black Shorts

4/6 – No practice today. Tomorrow’s JV match @ Brandon Valley is being postponed. Tomorrow we will condition indoors at 4:15. Our match from 4/5 against O’Gorman has been rescheduled to Tuesday 4/12 @ WHS.

4/5 – Due to weather, today’s match vs. O’Gorman is being postponed to a later date. TBD. Please stay tuned for updates regarding tomorrow’s practice. Thank you.

3/30 – Due to weather, tomorrow’s match @ SF Roosevelt has been postponed to Saturday 4/2 @12 pm at Kuehn Park. Top 12 players will play. Tomorrow we will condition at normal time – 4:15. Call/text/email with questions. Thanks!
Top 12: CP, DS, NM, CR, JM, HM, OB, NS, JK, EL, EB, LB

3/25 – Due to extreme wind, practice today will be held in the WHS Main gym from 4:15-5:15. Thanks!

3/23 – Due to weather, practice will be held indoors today in the WHS Main Gym from 4:15-5:15. No need for rackets, but please bring appropriate shoes for conditioning. Thanks!

3/22 – Practice is cancelled today due to weather and WHS Activities night. Stay tuned for updates regarding tomorrow’s practice, as the weather doesn’t look promising. Thank you!

3/18 – Normal 4:15 practice time today. The following players will play on Saturday 3/19 @ 10:30am: DS, CP, NM, JM, CR, HM, OB, JK, NS, LB, EB, EL. Thanks!

3/13 – First day of practice is tomorrow. The WHS courts have significant snow that will likely not melt today. Please bring a shovel (plastic) to practice tomorrow along with a pair of running shoes for conditioning. 4pm @ WHS. Thanks!

3/12 – Reminder that all WHS Tennis gear orders are due March 15th in the team store:

2/28 – The preseason player-parent meeting will be held in the WHS Library at 5pm. Players wanting to play tennis must attend this meeting.